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Orientation Professionals and their Teams need a platform to meet the complex demands of their New Students and Supporters, while at the same time delivering an individualized and unique path! 

Discover how our Onboarding Management System VZO can help you with your specific program’s needs and requirements to maintain and accelerate success!

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Hello VZO!

VZO is an all-in-one onboarding & engagement management system built for New Students, Supporters, and Orientation Professionals. Take a moment to learn how we address and solve key areas for pre, current, and post-orientation processes.

New Student Onboarding

Provide your students an integrated on-boarding portal that individualizes their new student orientation experience. At the same, supply student supporters with an intentional and personalized on-boarding portal which augments and expands their student’s orientation engagement.

New Supporter Onboarding & Family Programs

Strengthen your relationship with student supporters with a portal that helps fill engagement gaps, supports enrollment retention goals, and connects families to campus partners and resources.

Family Weekend

Why should Family Weekend matter to Orientation Professionals? Imagine you could guide and easily register 75% of your incoming Supporters to Family Weekend (this year) through the student onboarding process, wouldn’t you want to learn?

Discover how VZO, Binghamton University, and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University partnered together to develop a new approach to engaging supporters during the student onboarding process that strengthened the relationship with Family Programs and other campus partners.

Orientation Leader Onboarding

Your Orientation Leaders may be your #1 untapped resource. What if your OL's became integral to your retention and persistence strategy? What if the OL experience continued beyond the first day of class, into the first semester, the first year, and beyond?

Through early and intentional engagement, OL's can leverage the power of peer mentorship to build a sense of belonging and increase student awareness and utilization of campus resources. Unleash the potential of your Orientation Leaders by recruiting, hiring, and training future Orientation Leaders all through VZO.

Watch our interview with Montclaire State University S2E3: The Impact of Orientation Leaders!

Key features

VZO offers a lot! Below are some of the critical features our clients use.

NOTE: If you don’t see the ones you need, then our platform already has it or we can build it!

Advanced Task List

Creates unique paths for both students and supporters from the admissions hand-off to beyond their first day of class.


Gather critical information early on for your advisors and enrollment team.

Watch our interview with UND S2E9: Stop the Overload...Pre-Advising for Onboarding Engagement!

Event Management

All the robust event management tools you need. Including extras like QR codes, customizable e-confirmation packets/name tags, and more.

Watch our interview with UVA S2E2: Premium Space, The Art of Name Tags!

Supporter Management

Collect supporter information and have the tools you need to manage them like students.

Online Orientation

Provide online content to the population of students and supporters that need it.

Communication Engine

Configure, plan, and send unlimited texts and emails to both students and supporters.

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"Made our lives easier and improved the experiences that our students had."
"I think the best part of VZ for me has been the customizability and the way that the team has always tried to get to yes with us."

What is the Orientation Matters Initiative?

VZ has been advocating for Orientation Professionals in Higher Education for over 22 years. Watch any one of our Episodes (1-9) of Season 2, and you will arm yourself with the most relevant trends and processes in this niche space.
Watch David's explanation of the Orientation Matters Initiative.
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