Welcome to the
Insight Tour of 2023

We asked a simple question to ourselves:
“How can we gain insight from our clients this year?” 
And we got a crazy idea:
Let’s go out and get it!”

Well, we got more than we thought…so sit back and enjoy:

Baylor University > Nathan

CRM Squeeze
What happens when you stop trying to squeeze your new student and supporter on-board experience into someone else's platform? Baylor University asked just that question and realized that VZO not only solved their immediate needs, but provided them an opportunity to reimagine their future. In this episode, Dr. Nathan Shelburne, Director of New Student Programs, describes his campus's experience launching VZO this summer and learning more about the full potential of the platform. By leveraging both standard and customized solutions, Baylor and VZO are able to meet current and future campus needs.

Christopher Newport University > Katie

Partnering with supporters
With families & supporters seeking engagement with their student's college experience more than ever, Christopher Newport University found itself asking a new question. Instead of pushing student ownership immediately during their transition, do we need to try and partner with supporters in a new way? In this episode, Katie Johnston, Director of Orientation and Student Involvement, discusses how the implementation of the supporter platform in VZO helped to provide continuous engagement with our families throughout the transition process. The results - families feeling more informed of how to support their student instead of finding information by completing tasks for them.

East Tennessee State University > Timothy

“So now what?” “What do I do next?” “When is that due?” “I don’t know why I have a hold on my account.” Sound familiar? Are these comments you hear from your students and their supporters? Interested in learning how East Tennessee State University leveraged a dynamic task list to not only answer these questions, but AVOID them? In this episode, Timothy Lewis, Director for New Student and Family Programs at ETSU, talks about how VZO’s dynamic task list helps not only their students and supporters, but also their on-campus partners have a more successful on-boarding experience. This personalized solution increased student completion of required tasks, decreased the number missed deadlines, and engaged student supporters as partners in the on-boarding process.

Rutgers-New Brunswick > Laura

Creating spaces
In this interview, Laura Randolph, Associate Dean of Students/Director, Student Orientation and Transition Programs at Rutgers-New Brunswick, explains how she is constantly trying to better understand who our students are. Asking questions such as “How do we actually create space for our students to have conversations, have dialogue, and actually meet someone new?”.

UT Arlignton > Relius

800% registration increase
As UT Arlington looked to revamp both their orientation and extended orientation programs, they focused in on communication. By maximizing VZO's communication tools, they enhanced not only the message itself, but who they are messaging to, when the messaging is happening, and how the messaging is conveyed through their specific branding. In this episode, Relius Johnson, Director of New Maverick Orientation, shares how these changes supported an increase in registration rates by 800%.

UT Arlington > Ty

Extended orientation
So often we are asked to do more with less, or find ourselves needing more time for tasks as student conversations consume our days. At UT Arlington, Ty Hollowell, Assistant Director, New Maverick Orientation, was thrilled to learn about all of VZO's features that can automate those tasks to make his job easier. This includes reincorporating extended orientation advertising, registration, and communication into the same VZO platform utilized for all student onboarding, making the experience smoother for staff and incoming students alike.

University of Virginia > Nathan

Desire to innovate
What is that one thing that you just want to make better? Be it a little or a large improvement, the desire to innovate and improve the on-boarding experience is what drives the top OTR professionals. In this interview, Nathan Flyzik, Program Coordinator for Orientation and New Student Programs at the University of Virginia, discusses how UVA leveraged a VZO innovation to increase efficiency and promote student supporter engagement. He also highlights the next thing on his list to make better, leveraging VZO’s dynamic task list to individualize the on-boarding experience.

University of Virginia > Sarah

Save 30 mins during check-in
Planning and executing a new student on-boarding program is complex, time consuming, and stressful. Having the right team and the right tools can help you achieve your goals and improve the experience for your students and their supporters. In this episode, Sarah Dodge, Assistant Director for Orientation and New Student Programs at the University of Virginia, shares how the VZO team created an innovative customized solution to cut 30 minutes from their check-in process, and developed a solution to increase supporter engagement and program buy-in.