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Exceptional conversations don’t just happen; they unfold daily nationwide. At VZO, we’re committed to revolutionizing the new student and supporter onboarding process.

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  • Streamline new student and supporter onboarding?
  • Boost engagement in orientation programs?

What is VZO:
VZO is a comprehensive onboarding and engagement management system designed to meet the needs of new students, their supporters, and orientation professionals all in one unified platform.

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How VZO Transformed Onboarding for Our Clients:
“We ramped up our communication in VZO which helped our registration rates to go over 800% this year.” – Relius Johnson, Director of New Maverick Orientation at The University of Texas at Arlington
Discover What Our Clients Love Most:
“I think the best part of VZ for me has been the customizability and the way that the team has always tried to get to yes with us.” – Sarah Dodge, Assistant Director for Orientation & New Student Programs at University of Virginia

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